Ticket For One

Over the years I have pondered the merits – or lack thereof – of going to the cinema alone.

I’ve known people who have done it, and although at times I have considered doing so myself, there has always been something that stopped me. I think it’s the fear of what other people might think about me, seeing me there alone: that I have no friends, and am a sad individual in need of pity and/or scorn.

However, the thought occurs that if I saw someone on their own at the cinema those would not be my thoughts about them. I might think that they were meeting someone who had yet to arrive, or that their companion was elsewhere in the building. And if I did think that they might be on their own, I would admire their self-confidence and wish I had the courage to do the same.

I have often missed out on seeing films on the big screen by refusing to go alone. Inevitably there are films we want to see which do not appeal to our family and friends so why, in this situation, should there be any hesitation in going to see the film alone? Once the film has started, no-one is going to be paying attention to who is sitting with who, and who is sitting alone. I know I never do.

So I wonder to myself… Is it other people’s opinions that stop me, or my own?

Perhaps one day I’ll be brave enough to go and see a film on my own, or perhaps not.


One thought on “Ticket For One

  1. I have been to the cinema on my own, but only once. It was when Id been made recently single but the film I wanted to see had already been seen by anyone I might have gone with. I was very aware that I was there on my own and was double guessing what the the other cinema goers were thinking about me. However, I feel that was more about where I was in my life (newly single) rather than being there on my own. I’d suggest trying it one day with a film that you’re not too bothered about seeing. That way, if you feel really uncomfortable, you can leave.

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