Am I Being Unreasonable?

Disclaimer: I’m sorry the guy in this news article was injured, and I hope he and his family can get back to living their lives soon.

Now, as we all know, local newspapers have a certain style all their own, and our local rag is no exception.

It recently ran this article: Click Me
In case the link ever fails to work, I have added a very brief version of the story below.

As I say at the top of this post, I am sorry that he injured himself (I’ll come back to that phrase later) and hope his recovery is swift. That is not what I am writing about.

What I’m writing about are the following two things:

1) The article gives us a lot of detail about the mothers of this guy’s two children. Too much, to my mind. What about confidentiality, privacy and so on? And while I assume the people involved agreed to have their information published it just seems OTT, not to mention irrelevant to the actual news item.

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so, but here’s the section of the article:

Timmy’s partner, Hollie Lynas, 23, who is mum to their four-month-old son, Oliver, had flown to Palma to be with him.

He also has another son, Luis Russell-Huntley, eight, with former girlfriend Hayley Huntley, 28, a shop assistant from the Rift House area.

Too much information, surely. We are also told the street and workplace for the man as well. Why do we need to know? Does that make his injuries any different? Should we feel more sympathy as a result of knowing this information?

2) The end of the article really got me.

A charity night has been arranged for this Friday, September 3, at the Corporation Club, in Whitby Street, from 7pm.

There will be dancers and singers plus an auction to help raise funds to pay the medical bill.

Tickets cost £3 and are available on the door.
For more information about the charity night, call [etc].

Now, come on. I’m a generous, charitable soul, but this isn’t some child born with an illness or disability. The injuries were not sustained through a tragic accident (some might argue that they were), or inflicted on him by someone else, beyond his control.

The term I used above was that he “injured himself” by doing this silly stunt while on holiday and, if I may be so bold as to make an assumption, after several alcoholic beverages had been consumed.

If his friends and family want to have a whip-round to raise some cash to help out, then fine, go for it, but what right do they have to ask strangers to contribute?

Perhaps I’m being unreasonable, but I just can’t get past the fact that this was, essentially, self-inflicted.

Plus, how much is this fundraiser going to cost to put on? Surely that money would be better spent on the medical bills.

Story in brief: Guy on a lads’ holiday jumps head-first off a bridge into a pool 10ft below, and breaks a bone in his neck.


One thought on “Am I Being Unreasonable?

  1. You’ve got to feel sorry for the mothers of his children – first he wastes gods knows how much on a lads holiday – not many fathers of 2 would choose to do this, then racks up a massive hospital bill. A lot of financial hardship for those who didn’t get the benefit of the holiday.

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