Driving Me Mad

I have recently started to take driving lessons again, for the first time since about 2003. (I also had lessons way back in the late 90s.)

It’s an interesting experience, and although a lot of it has come back to me already (I’ve only had a few hours so far this time) I’m finding it frustrating that I’m not  getting the hang of it as quickly as I’d like to.

My instructor – the brilliant Sarah (who can be found here, if you’re interested: http://www.facebook.com/sarah.bumpers) – assures me that not only am I doing well but that it is common for “mature” learners to become more frustrated and down-hearted about their, dare I say it, failings than younger learners.

I mused that this is perhaps because the younger learners, in general, have less riding on whether they manage to pass their test or not – it’s just something that you do once you hit the magic 17th birthday. For us older learners, however, it’s likely that we want or need to learn for a specific reason.

I, for instance, would find it helpful to drive as I work out of town. I would also be able to visit far-flung family and friends more (or at all). I’d also be able to pursue things that I’m unable to pursue at present as getting there and back is too much of a carry on.

So, no pressure then.

I also find myself annoyed that the basic co-ordination is taking a little while to develop. The subtleties of the pedals escape me at present, and I find I’m easily flustered by heavier traffic.

Sarah is keen for me not to dwell on these things too much as she says it will slow my progress, but it’s hard not to become a little fixated. I want to be out there, doing it, and doing it *well*, but I’m not. Not yet.

I hope it won’t take much longer for it to all come together better, but in the meantime I humbly suggest you stay indoors. 😉


2 thoughts on “Driving Me Mad

  1. Easy to say, but you need to try and relax more about it. It will come, suddenly – one day it will just click into place.
    Remember, you haven’t been having lessons for long. You need to forget everything that went before x

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