Nice try Melchy, but it’s no use. I’m still BORED!

(Ten bonus points to those who can identify the above quotation.)

This evening I am bored.

That’s right. Despite having access to the whole World Wide Web, numerous TV channels, shelves full of books and DVDs and a Nintendo DS about an inch from my left hand, I find myself very bored.

How can this be?

I find I am reliant on a handful (if that) of websites for my entertainment and this is a Bad Thing. These sites are quiet this evening and so here I sit, waiting for something to happen so I can react quickly and eagerly before the quietness – and boredom – returns.

Do I instead go and do something else? I could read for a while, or stick on a film. No, I might miss something important and life-changing on those sites I rely on so heavily.

*twiddles thumbs*

Someone do something, please.


9 thoughts on “Nice try Melchy, but it’s no use. I’m still BORED!

  1. Unfortunately, you’ve only spent perhaps twenty minutes or so knocking up these one hundred and fifty, albeit good quality, odd words. Make your blog entries a tad longer and use one or two new “webbies” to verify the content. You don’t need to abandon the old favourites, but in the quieter moments of your ‘webworld’ put a little meat on the scrawny bones of your blog. Personally, as a writer, I love reading blogs and not much is more frustrating than coming to the end of a nicely worded, amusing and well written piece before I’m quite ready.

    Kevin xx

    • What is it that needs verifying?

      This blog isn’t intended to rival the high-powered, famous, popular blogs out there, so I’m not sure what else it really needs. It was set up as a place for me to air my thoughts, and that is what I have done.

  2. It’s blackadder, probably queenie. Have I got news for you and Russell Howard is on soon so bye bye boredom! Also try Gin xxxx

  3. Sorry Elizabeth I wasn’t clear – what I meant was amplify the size of your blog using the wider web to verify any factual assertions you choose to include.

  4. I love your blog entries – and they need nothing ‘verifying’ as far as I can see….nor do I find the entries ‘scrawny’ but there you go…

    The quote is indeed from Blackadder II, said by Queenie in the episode ‘Bells’…. 🙂

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