Resolution Review – 1 Month

Well, a month has passed since I posted my Resolutions, so I thought I’d post an update on how I’m doing with them.

1. The inevitable diet

Yes, well, this hasn’t got off to the best start. In fact, it hasn’t really got off to a start at all. But I have had a stressful month (an excuse, but true) and have three family birthdays coming up next month (one of which is mine own *hint*) so I’m not going to get too hung about the diet until after those.

2. Exercise more

I’m going to move swiftly on from this as it burns more calories. That and the fact that this hasn’t got going yet either. Predictable, huh? Perhaps when the weather improves I’ll feel more motivated to get out and about more. Or at all.

3. Learn to drive

An ongoing task which I think I’m doing ok with. Watch this space.

4. Blog more

Well, as this is only the second post of the year I don’t think I’m doing well with this one either. However, I do have two more posts bubbling away in my mind so I hope to get those out in the near future. Mind you, they’ve been bubbling for about a week so far!!

5. Spend less time online

Not too sure how this one is going. I don’t really feel that I spend any less time in front of the computer, whether that be Facebook or anything else. However, given what I’m about to say for 6. I guess I must have reduced my online time, if only a little.

6. Read more

Now this on I can claim success with, so far at least. I am about half way through my fourth book of the year! My first one was actually started a few days before January, but I’m still going to count it in. I’m really pleased with myself for this, I’ll be honest, as I’ve missed being a Reader. I look forward to reading a lot more over the coming months.

7. See more of friends

Not doing too great with this one either, although I have a cinema date coming up so I’m looking forward to that. Hope to get things to pick up a little soon.

8. Find a better job

Yet again, not much movement on this, and my reason (not excuse) is that there just isn’t that much out there right now. I am looking, though.

9. Look after my skin

A medium success. I have been trying but I feel another word with my G.P. is in order to see if there’s more that can be done.

10. and 11. Express my opinions more / Be more upfront

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure I’ve really had the opportunity to test this one out yet. That said, I still intend to be generally more open about my thoughts and feelings, so fingers crossed I can manage it when faced with a situation that demands it.

12. Live my life for myself

Similarly to above, I’ve really had no challenges thrown my way that have required me to make such a decision. Although, you may be interested to know I did win the battle of the hair colour! Actually “battle” isn’t the right word. Having psyched myself up ready for arguing my case, there was no need. No resistance was put up. Still, I got my way which was the main thing, even if I didn’t have to fight my corner to get it.

So there we have it. A month on and little achieved. Not to worry! I have eleven more months to work on the rest! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Resolution Review – 1 Month

  1. I’ll focus on #6. 🙂 I’m reading more too! But have been since last summer. The internet did clog up my time. That and movies. Are you on If so, let’s hook up on there. I’d love to see more friends and what they are reading. Gives me more choices too. 🙂

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