If music be the food of love, play on…

Perhaps this is mainly a girl thing, but I have always found that I am attracted to the musicians who produce the music I like listening to. Or is it the other way round? Do I have a more tolerant ear if the person producing the music is pleasing to my eye?

I’ve often pondered which way round this really is, and whether they can ever be entirely separated.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars)

That said, of course, it is not a given that the two will go together and being, as I am, a straight woman this only applies to male musicians anyway (although an interesting aside at this point is to say that the vast majority of the music I listen to is from male artists). So yes, there are some male artists whose music I enjoy but who I don’t find attractive, and vice versa.

So why the fetish for musicians? To be fair, I’d be attracted to the same faces if they did something else, but the fact that there is musical ability there always adds a certain something to the effect.

And this is by no means a new thing for me. Ever since I fell in love with Boy George at the age of four, and then Paul King a few years later (hey, shut up, I was young!) I have looked fondly on musicians.

Gerard Way

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Even in my younger chorister days myself and friends would play “which member of the orchestra do you fancy?” or if there were soloists involved it would be “who do you like best – tenor or bass?”. For the record, I tended to go for percussionists and basses.

Then through my teen years I always had a favourite boyband member (or maybe a couple), but as far as I know so did all the other fans. Actually, going back to all this being a girl thing, maybe it isn’t. I’m sure most guys had a favourite Spice Girl or, these days, a favourite member of the Pussycat Dolls. But perhaps that’s separate to the music!?

So what is it about musicians that I find so appealing? Is it as simple as sharing an interest/ability? Can it be so straight forward?

Billie-Jo Armstrong

Billie-Jo Armstrong (Green Day)

I don’t suppose I’ll ever know the answer, and really I don’t want to analyse it to death (erm… so why the blog post!?), but it’s an intriguing little topic. Well, I think so anyway.

I hope you have enjoyed the samples I have scattered through the post (click on them to view larger versions)… but remember: they are mine. 🙂




2 thoughts on “If music be the food of love, play on…

    • Perhaps partly because they are all into producing a similar genre of music, and so have similar styles.

      But I freely admit to being fond of the prettier boys, and I’m in no way averse to a bit of eyeliner.

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