Resolution Review – 3 Months (ish)

Three months (as good as) have passed since I made my Resolutions, so here’s another progress report.

1. The inevitable diet

…and the inevitable “no I’m not on one” update. I’ve thought about it, on and off, but my head isn’t in the right place at the moment. Much too much other stuff going on with life for now.

2. Exercise more

Today I attended my first session of the local Exercise For Life programme, which you get on to via a G.P. referral, and it entails a 10-week programme of guided gym sessions with a view to becoming a fully-fledged gym member in the future. The sessions are tailored around each person’s needs and abilities (or limitations) and so will hopefully provide the right mix of challenging yet achievable targets.

3. Learn to drive

Still ongoing, with a slight update to say that I have passed my theory test so at least that is done and out of the way.

4. Blog more

Well, here I am! It’s been a while, but if all has gone according to plan then there have been three other posts published along with this one. If that is the case, then yay me! If that is NOT the case then you’ll just have to make do with this one. 🙂

5. Spend less time online

This one started well, but I feel I have slipped back into my old ways recently. Having said that, I tend to spend a chunk of most evenings watching a DVD instead of being online, so maybe I’m doing better than I thought.

6. Read more

This also started well but I’ve slowed down a little since January. I’ve set a target for myself on of reading thirty books this year. So far I’ve managed six, which isn’t too bad really. Watch this space, I guess!

7. See more of friends

Some highs and lows for this one. I spent a lovely weekend with friends back at the beginning of March, but since then it’s been rather quiet, mainly due to my own ill health, and the usual diary clashes. I have been able to catch up with a friend who is back from some time in America, though, so that’s a plus point.

8. Find a better job

Things have been very uncertain at work over the last few months due to in-house reviews and budget cuts. Although I have, for now, got a job to continue with I also have a couple of job interviews coming up. These potential new posts might not be classed as “better”, as such, but would hopefully be a little more stable for the foreseeable future.

9. Look after my skin

Hit and miss, I’ll be honest. Too much other stuff taking priority. So we’ll ignore this one for now, ok?

10. and 11. Express my opinions more / Be more upfront

I’m probably going to have to count this one as a failure. Not because I’ve been allowing people to walk all over me, I don’t think, but I haven’t exactly been the all-new assertive me I was hoping to be, although I am still working on it. And similarly to last time, I haven’t had any major opportunities to test myself. Maybe I need to get out there and pick some fights!

12. Live my life for myself

Not much chance for this one to be pushed to the limit either, so far, although given that I spend so much time with my good self, I guess it doesn’t really apply anyway.

So that’s the latest on me and life. How are things with you?


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