TwentyTwelve Targets

New year, new blog post, and guess what it’s about! Correct – my hopes and dreams for the coming months.

Let’s begin with a quick roundup of how I got on with last year’s shall we? When you’ve stopped laughing, of course.

It’s ok, I’ll wait.

Done? Good, let’s continue…

1. The inevitable diet – didn’t happen. I’m actually heavier than this time last year.
2. Exercise more – started but didn’t continue.
3. Learn to drive – the success story! 🙂 I passed my test on November 17th 2010! No car of my own… yet. Am currently making use of the family car, although so far have only been out a few times.
4. Blog more – regular readers – if I have any – will be well aware that this started well, but tailed off.
5. Spend less time online – another “started well but then failed” one, I’m afraid.
6. Read more – same as number 5, and indeed the failure of one lead to the failure of the other. In fact, I fell short of my reading target by 7 books (was aiming for 30).
7. See more of friends – could do better.
8. Find a better job – not the best year to have attempted this with businesses cutting costs.
9. Look after my skin – disappointed with myself on this one, as I’m the only one who suffers as a result of not doing it.
10. and 11. Express my opinions more / Be more upfront – not much chance to test these, if I’m honest, but hopefully I’ve been more “me” over the past year.
12. Live my life for myself – similar to 10 and 11 in the sense that I’ve lacked the opportunities to test this one.

So, on with the new list!

The observant will have, erm, observed that I am not calling these “Resolutions” but instead am going for the slightly more pro-active “Targets”. Not that all of them are specific, i.e. they won’t all involve hitting certain figures or have tangible outcomes, but I hope that by using the more aggressive terminology it will help to urge me forward to achieving what I want!

1. Eat less / Move more
I’m combining these this year as they naturally go together, and I should qualify the “eat less” part by saying I don’t necessarily mean less food, rather less sugar/fat/salt/calories – whichever I decide works best for me.

2. Read more
I have once again set myself a reading challenge on GoodReads but have been a little more realistic this year. The target is to read 20 books between now and January 1st 2013, which is fewer than 2 a month so feels very do-able.

3. Get my own car
Clearly this depends on finances so may not happen for a while. Sums need doing, questions need asking, decisions need to be made. I know what I’d *like* to get, but it remains to be seen if that is, in fact, possible.

4. Be there for those who are there for me
Slowly but surely I have come to realise that some people care more about me than others, and that I care for some more than they care for me. Previously, even when I have been aware of this, I have been there for everyone while they may not have been there for me. This year I intend to be a little more selective in who I support fully. As the title suggests, if I know someone will be there for me then I will gladly be there for them. If they would not be there for me then I may not be there for them either. That’s not to say I won’t be, but the guarantee is no longer there and assumptions should no longer be made.

5. Be myself and share my own opinions
I feel I made a fair start with this last year so I simply hope to build on it further and not suppress myself, or (perhaps more importantly) not allow myself to BE suppressed.

6. Blog more
Off to a good start. 🙂 I need to treat it as a journal and not, as I have done previously, avoid certain subjects because of who I know is reading. As I’ve said here before, anything I post here is merely opinion, or perhaps a rant while in a bad mood. It is nothing personal, and should not be taken to heart. I guess this links in with the point above.

7. See more of friends
I’m hoping to have a little get-together around the time of my birthday if enough people are free to come along, so that is something to look forward to. And in the meantime, now the festivities are over, I need to call people up and arrange cinema trips, cups of tea and so forth.

8. Find full-time work
This is another one which isn’t entirely down to me and my resources, although of course those play a major part. And an alternative is to find a second part-time post which will tie in nicely with my current work. I also need to take up an opportunity I have to do some work-related voluntary work which I can do easily through a contact.

9. Look after my skin
An ongoing issue and one I hope to do better with this year than last.

And there we have it. A shorter list than last year, true, but no less challenging!


4 thoughts on “TwentyTwelve Targets

  1. Hi Elizabeth, Happy New Year. I wish you the very best of luck with your new objectives, particularly with the writing, which, clearly you’re very good at.

    Kevin xx

  2. I do hope you write more! 🙂 I like that you call them targets. It makes more sense really. Happy New Year! I know, I know…I’m a little late. 🙂

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