Bertolt Brecht

I know nothing about Brecht, or his work, other than the fact that I discovered this quotation from one of his poems and fell in love with it.

In the dark times

In the dark times will there also be singing?

Some have said they find it depressing, but – perhaps because I am a singer and therefore see both singing and music in general as a positive, life-affirming thing – I find it uplifting and encouraging. To me it suggests that, however bad things are, people will join together and use music as a form of mutual expression (and, therefore, of comfort), as they have been doing for centuries. Whether that’s to express grief and pain or hope and joy, who can say?

(I produced this simple image so I can put it on Pinterest. I’m no graphic designer, as you can tell!)

Update – Sept 6th 2012: I have discovered that title of this poem (and yes, that’s the whole thing up there!) is “Motto der ‘Svendborger Gedichte'”, which translates to “Motto to the ‘Svendborg Poems'””.


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