Here We Go Again

Recently I visited the doctor and raised the issue of weight loss once again. Yes, I mentioned it myself. Voluntarily. Not only that, but I’d made an appointment specifically to discuss the subject. How good am I? You can see my halo from there, I’m sure.

The idea of pills had been dismissed on previous occasions due to other conditions I’m living with, and the exercise referral we tried didn’t suit me, so we’re back to good old-fashioned eating right and being more active. That, and regular appointments with one of the Practice nurses.

Enter Millicent (not her real name). What a joy. She’s a pleasure to be around. And yes, that’s sarcasm.

Given that weight loss is such a personal – emotional, even – subject, and that we have to lay ourselves somewhat bare to whoever we work with on this, I expected a gentler, relaxed approach from my healthcare professional. It was not to be. The best description, I think, is “business-like”. Not quite brusque, but certainly straight to the point.

For a start she looked at my record and thought I was there about some recent blood test results. Erm, no… I’d discussed those at the aforementioned doctor appointment. So I told her why I was there and she snapped straight in to telling me that pills were on short supply so we wouldn’t be able to go down that route. Before I had the chance to explain that I wasn’t wanting pills anyway, she rattled straight on to the usual questions regarding current diet and exercise. So I went over my lifestyle for what felt like the gazillionth time recently and between us we agreed that it probably wouldn’t take much in the way of changes to see a difference. That’s on the scales, of course, rather than in the sense that I’ll soon be shopping at River Island. (Does anyone else think of that as a “skinny” shop? I know they have the same sizes as any other “normal” clothes shop, but I swear that when I’m in there [which is once in a blue moon, for obvious reasons] there’s a skinnier vibe than elsewhere. Perhaps they purposely set their racks closer together, to keep out those who should not be there in the first place! [In case you’re wondering, I pop in to look at shoes sometimes.])

Anyway, she gave a printout list of foods, sorted into columns according to how often we should all be eating them so I could judge my eating habits against them and adapt accordingly, and off I went thinking that a more holistic approach might have been more beneficial in several ways.

Jump forward to Tuesday of this week and my first follow-up appointment.

I wasn’t looking forward to it much as I hadn’t felt that she was on my side, and hadn’t felt particularly supported. Still, I attended like a good girl.

First on the to-do list was to hop on to the scales. No change, but then I wasn’t expecting one as I hadn’t made any changes yet. So that was fine. Then she asked me what, if anything, I’d altered since last time so I confessed that there had been no changes as I was still trying to get my head round what to change, and how to build them in to my way of life. She seemed happy enough with this reply, and we went on to talk about targets.

She has set me the target of losing 2-4 lbs before the next appointment in a month’s time. As she says, this is very do-able and that starting slowly is how they do things. Also, I’m to walk more (we’d agreed last time that this would likely be the best exercise option for me at this point).

Fruit & Yoghurt

The blueberries are under there somewhere.

Since Tuesday I admit that I’ve walked no more than normal, and that my diet hasn’t particularly altered. That said, I stocked up on fruit, and this morning had a very tasty bowlful of raspberries, blueberries and red grapes with a few dollops of low fat natural yoghurt, all washed down with a glass of water (less inspiring). The Subway sandwich I had for lunch yesterday was, on checking their site, one of their lower fat fillings and has the bonus of being one I choose anyway. Plus, the treats I bought myself for the weekend, which is a habit I’ve got myself in to, were all low fat options. I figured this way I’d not feel deprived and end up going for a walk (!) to the shop to buy doughnuts and ice cream! *mmmm*

I’ll say one thing for Millicent, though. She’s carrying some extra weight herself so at least I’m not faced with a skinny thing lecturing me on fat content. Mind you, this could be a bad sign as either she’s happy with how she is, in which case why aren’t I, or she’s tried and failed to follow this advice, in which case why am I bothering? On the flip side, the skinny thing could have fought for years to achieve skinny and therefore would be more sympathetic to my cause.

Still, it is what it is and I just need to get my head in to gear and crack on.


5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Best of luck pet. Sorry to hear the nurse was unsupportive. All I can say is, don’t beat yourself up about it. There are no bad foods; what is important is the balance and the quantity. It’s a good idea to have smaller portions of the foods you normally eat. For instance, if you normally have 2 slices of bread in your packed lunch, have 1. Don’t cut out the foods that fill you up, like bread and potatoes, or you will be hungry and not properly nourished. Have smaller portions, with less butter etc. Try not to eat late in the evening. You use food more efficiently if there is a good long gap between tea and breakfast.

  2. Being “clinically obese” and having given myself a good talking to in the last year (and shifting the first 4stone) I can totally see where you’re coming from. It is about getting your head right – and getting organised. In any life-change you have to go through the “change process” (Prochaska & DiClemente) if you are going to succeed. This also acknowledges that we are human and sometimes we lapse … and have to start again! As you know I find that the only way I can do this is via the Slimming World route … I see my weight issues in the same way I see any addiction – it’s a battle with my demons and even when I’ve won the battle I will always be “a fat person in recovery” … having come this far I feel I am in this for life – so it has to involve life-changes that are sustainable and realistic to achieve. Good luck and if you need any low-fat menu advice you know where I am Hxxx

    • I’m going for the “one thing at a time” approach for now – switching things here and there to healthier (lower fat) options. I’m going to try and get in to walking next week, so hopefully the weather will be cooler! I’ll be sure to pick your brains in the future! 🙂

  3. Been there and done that…. I have to chuckle at the River Island comments though. I totally agree, and when I was younger and fat I always hated Top Shop for the very same reason!

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