Walk Like A… Man? Egyptian?

Either way, I embarked on my “walk more” adventure today.

No great shakes, I’ll admit, but I roused myself from this very chair for the sole purpose of Going For A Walk, and in this little universe that’s impressive in itself.

Woman Walking

This is totally what I looked like!

According to Google Maps my route, such as it was, was a 1.1 mile loop or, as I usually call it, to the shops and back but I came back the slightly longer way to make it more of a circuit. I logged my jaunt on Map My Walk, but unfortunately they work it out as only being 1.07 miles – so we’ll stick with Google’s measurement as it makes me sound 0.3 miles more energetic!

(I put my old home-to-school route in to Google Maps to compare the distance as that’s really the last time I did any concentrated walking on a routine basis. It told me it was 1.2 miles. I was surprised it was so similar to what  I did today – when I pictured it in my head it struck me as being much further. I used to walk to and from school most days, laden with the necessary items for the day, which makes it 2.4 miles albeit with several hours break in between. Plus once I was at school there was a lot of walking from class to class as well, and occasionally some much-dreaded PE lessons, so I’ve still got a long way to go to get back to that level of activity, but the similarity in distance between the routes interested and encouraged me.)

Since we moved here in 2003 I’ve done the there-and-back version (i.e. without making it a loop) of today’s walk a fair few times to visit the shop so I knew it was well within my reach, and when I set out I planned to avoid crossing the road to nip in to Tesco as I thought I’d be too tempted to by yummies (not to mention Greggs further along the parade of shops). In the end, though, I decided to kill two birds with one stone (not one of my own, although I’ve got a few to spare!) and popped in for some Philadelphia. Light, of course (I’d have got Extra Light but they didn’t have any).

Shopping Bags

Not my actual shopping!

Under normal circumstances, when the walk is actually a trip to the shop, I’d do the return trip with one, possibly two, carrier bags to weigh me down and by the time I arrived home my back would be aching and my feet would be pinched at the toes (even though my trusty Vans are comfortable they still pinch after a while of walking. Damn my stupid wide feet!). Today, however, I had one lonely tub of cheese to keep me company and had opted to wear my trainers (Nike Air Rift without the split toe, if you’re interested) to help it feel more exercise-y. As I reached the house my back was just starting to ache and my feet were as comfortable as when I set off (apart from feeling a little tired and hot). Therefore, if nothing else, I know I can do this without worrying about ending up limping the last few yards, so that’s a bonus!

Although today’s distance wasn’t exactly a marathon course, I feel it was acceptable as a beginner’s venture and hopefully I’ll stick to it and be able to go a little further in time, and then on into the wide blue yonder!


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