Gorgeously Full Fat by Sarah Clark

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Are you someone who has tried umpteen diets and still can’t lose weight (or lose it, only to gain it all back and more)? Have you joined a gym only to find yourself buying a load of chocolate on the way home from your session on the treadmill?

This is the book for you!

Don’t be put off, though. This is definitely NOT a preachy, self-help tome full of dry facts, “science”, and confidence-bashing lectures. Quite the reverse.

This is Sarah telling you – in an almost painfully honest way at times – about her ups and downs in life, whether it be a rubbish relationship, a crappy job, her secret binge eating or meeting the wonderful Moley (who she is now engaged to), with warmth and humour (in particular, the anecdotes about online dating are a giggle!), and the occasional moment of sadness, in the hopes that she can help the rest of us see that the constant yo-yo diets and self-loathing about our bodies just ain’t worth it. What’s more, that it’s much more likely to have the opposite effect to what we’re hoping for – achieving our “ideal” weight.

She’s even gone to the trouble of including a list of resources – books, blogs, websites, Facebook pages, podcasts, etc. – for those of us who want to make some positive changes and to ditch the diets once and for all!

Drawn together from her blog posts and with a few extra anecdotes along the way, the writing style is friendly and conversational, like you’re having a chat with her over a cuppa and a muffin in the local coffee shop.

I’m giving this book a full fat five stars (that’s out of five, by the way), and recommend it to anyone who is fed up of trying to be someone they’re not, particularly when it comes to the vicious cycle of trying to lose weight!

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