Experimenting with the WordPress app

Here I am, on the WordPress app for the iPhone. As this is my first post done this way I need to apologise in advance for any “quirks” I may inadvertently display. Chances are high that it’s down to something the app has done on my behalf. And that’s not including any “damn you, autocorrect” incidents!

I don’t have anything to blog about so I’m just going to experiment with some features and see what we end up with.

You initially have to log in of course and you first see your dashboard and have access to stats etc. but I’ve jumped straight to having a go at a post.

There’s a button for inserting an image so let’s try that.

If you can’t tell, that’s a teeny origami boat I came across on the bus one day. It was just sitting there as you see it and it made me smile. 🙂

Teeny origami boat

Teeny origami boat


That feature works pretty well. Once the image was inserted I tapped on it to access the editing options such as caption, size and alignment.

There are two basic text formatting buttons: bold and italic. Tap the button before you type to activate it, then again when you want deactivate it. Or select part of the word in the usual way for your device and toggle the formatting on or off.

Then there’s the quotation button. Not too sure about this as I’ve never used it on the main site but here goes…

Her mind is too full of books and it has turned her brain. – Little Women, Louisa May Alcott.

Type in the text, then hit the quote marks to block it out as above. Hit it again to carry on as normal. Or, hit the button first, then type, and hit the button again as with the formatting buttons.

There are two types of list available to choose from. A bullet point option or a numbered option.

  • You can hit the button then starry typing
  • Hit return to add another entry
  • To stop, hit return first, THEN turn off the feature (or hit return twice)

Same goes for numbered lists.

  1. Hit button
  2. Hit return
  3. Return twice to turn off feature

You can insert links as well: Google. It would be nice if when the popup appeared it also gave you a more link-friendly keyboard, with the dot there to hand, but that might be dependent on your device. I had to go in to symbols for it on iPhone.

The last button – <> – toggles the typing interface from WYSIWYG to HTML and back again.

Across the top there is an eye which takes you to a preview of your post, a cog which takes you into post settings (I couldn’t find an option for saving as I went along, but within the settings you can change the status to “draft” or set a post time for some point in the future. Both useful if you want to edit on a bigger screen at a more convenient moment.)

Interestingly, the “Publish” button, which is other function at the top, has become “Save” since I switched the post from Published to Draft. There is also a Pending Review option although I’m not clear what the difference is between that and Draft.

When you hit Save in draft mode, the post disappears which is rather disconcerting and you end up back in your posts page. At the top of this is a drop down menu where you can filter your posts according to their status, so in this case I filtered to Drafts and there it was. I’m guessing when I hit Update, which is now at the top, the same will happen. (It did.) From the posts page you can either tap on the post to open it and work on it further, or use the small buttons below the post thumbnail, including the More button which presents an option to Publish without opening it.

So all in all I’d say this was a good little app for basic posts. The long the post became the more sluggish the keyboard became. Or rather there developed a lag between typing and the words appearing on the screen. Anything more involved and in need of more than just the simplest formatting would be better done on a computer – or perhaps a different app.


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